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The new frontier in interactive video presentations

Split is a cloud solution that enables you to create interactive videos. Videos that turn passive spectators into active participators by allowing your viewers to choose their own journeys through questions and options. And at the same time providing you with valuable behavioural insight.

Split – Interactive videos made easy.


Create interactive content with Split to engage your audience with personalized journeys.


Share your content through social media, e-mail or embed it on your website to reach your audience anywhere and anytime.


Receive and manage customer insights in real-time as your audience completes their journeys.

Make your decisions based on qualified data

With Split you get customized valuable data from you users to help make better strategic decisions.

The key features of Split allows for great versatility.

Following are typical use cases in which Split can play a key part in improving the user experience while gathering valuable user insights.


Create interactive training material and turn it into templates. Record training progression with analytics.


Make your recorded webinars non-linear and enriching by engaging your audiences with events, polls and ratings.


Create personalised journeys for your customers, peers and friends and let them engage on their own terms.

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